The Diary of Collector's Wife

The Diary of Collector’s Wife – Ep 3 The impossible-to-find model car

Exhibitions, clubs, magazines, Facebook pages and blogs, many physical and virtual places dedicated to collectors lovers to meet and communicate with each other. But how does this passion live who is next to them and day by day must measure himself with the effects of this “collectible fever”? In this section we give voice to a person who for years has lived with a fierce collector and tells us about his experience in his very particular “diary of the collector’s wife“.


I begin to think there is something supernatural about this place. He seems to have wings on his feet as he continues, tirelessly, looking for that “impossible-to-find” model. When he goes shopping with me, it only takes four stores before he’s dragging his feet and professing exhaustion. I huff impatiently, because we’ve been making the rounds at various tables for three hours and my feet hurt. To think I’m not even wearing high heels!

Suddenly I see him staring intently at a little car hidden between two boxes of toys. The vendor looks at him and smiles slyly as he spots him reaching out and grasping the object as a hawk would with its prey. He seems possessed while analyzing the toy from all sides.

After a few minutes, holding the model securely in the palms of his hands, as if he doesn’t trust putting it on the table, he turns to the seller:
“It’s all original?”

The seller jumps as if he had been asked an obscene question and responds pointedly:
“Of course it is!”

After I sit through half an hour of conversation and subsequent haggling, we finally depart and it’s almost time for lunch. He is in such a good mood that he promises to buy me a new dress, with shoes and matching handbag.

At nine in the evening we return home at last and as I take out my purchases, he looks upset about my five dresses, three pairs of shoes and two handbags.

His eyes get big when I ask him:
“Dear, you said all these clothes were for your next big bag of vintage toys, didn’t you?”

Alfa Romeo Alfetta Autoguizzo anni ’50
The model is part of the Toptoys private collection and is for us privately for more information.


Driver (1)

Copper Braids (3)

Slot Car (44)

Kit (9)

Parts & Accessories (23)

Water Slide Decals (35)

Bodies (114)

Tires (62)

Chassis (10)

Motors (4)

Books (39)

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2 thoughts on “The Diary of Collector’s Wife – Ep 3 The impossible-to-find model car

  1. hiromichi fukuda says:


    I want to buy Alfa Romeo Alfetta Autoguizzo anni ’50.
    Thank you very much.
    I bought Mercury’s book before.

    best regards

    1. toptoys says:

      thank you for your interest, unfortunately the Alfa Romeo Alfetta Autoguizzo 50s was sold last month. Keep following us, more atomodels will be available soon.

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