The Diary of Collector's Wife

The Diary of Collector’s Wife – Ep 2 Cleaning the display case

Exhibitions, clubs, magazines, Facebook pages and blogs, many physical and virtual places dedicated to collectors lovers to meet and communicate with each other. But how does this passion live who is next to them and day by day must measure himself with the effects of this “collectible fever”? In this section we give voice to a person who for years has lived with a fierce collector and tells us about his experience in his very particular “diary of the collector’s wife“.


“You touched my display case!”

He has a toy car by the hand and looks enraged. I give the most innocent expression in the world and say with surprise:

“No! I just wiped down the glass.”

He shakes his head and responds with certainty:

“No, you must have cleaned the shelves because the cars were touching, a couple of them were positioned in the wrong direction and a glass slide from a rare green 1970 Policar was slightly detached.”

I tighten my lips and think, “Damn it! I was sure I’d put them back exactly as they were!” But I confess I removed the cars from the display case and used furniture polish on the shelves because  he had forbidden me to do so. Shamelessly I persisted:

“You’re wrong! Maybe while cleaning the glass I inadvertently placed my hand on the shelves and moved something, but that’s all.”

Not at all convinced by my explanation, he looks at me grimly. He shakes his head and muttering something under his breath, like “why don’t you stop touching my things?”, returns to his display case.

I wonder how it is that he never sees anything in the drawers or inside the refrigerator but notices the smallest changes in the display case of his collection.


Slot Car (35)

Spare Parts & Accessories (66)

Chassis (2)

Body (54)

Tyres (8)

Engines (2)

Books (22)

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