The Diary of Collector's Wife

The Diary of Collector’s Wife – Ep 1 The famous model car

Exhibitions, clubs, magazines, Facebook pages and blogs, many physical and virtual places dedicated to collectors lovers to meet and communicate with each other. But how does this passion live who is next to them and day by day must measure himself with the effects of this “collectible fever”? In this section we give voice to a person who for years has lived with a fierce collector and tells us about his experience in his very particular “diary of the collector’s wife“.


He turns to me with a beaming smile, shows me something that he is carefully holding in his hands and whispers excitedly:

“Isn’t it magnificent?”

I look at the object and wonder what is so extraordinary about a toy of which the only thing that attracts me is its red color. I see him so excited that I do not want to disappoint him and say:

“Cute… what is it?”

He reproaches me with his eyes and says:

“It’s 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 #23 1° at the storic race di Daytona 1967!! It’s legendary!”

I mean I can barely recognize my car. I give an embarrassed smile and try to defend myself:

“Well, you know I don’t know much about cars. You’re the expert!”

He focuses again on the model and after wrapping it up with tissue paper, puts it back inside the box with incredible care for someone who at home struggles to put his jacket in the closet, or to close the sock drawer. There is something strange about toys! How could they so completely alter his behavior, something which I have failed to do over many years of marriage?

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