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4 Rear Tires for Russkit Carrera Series 1:24

Urethane High Performance rear tyres for RussKit Carrera series 1:24 scale Slot Car. Suitable for Carrera series cars of the 60s. Super performances. Pack of 4 pieces.
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6 Dune Buggy Rear Tyres for Policar 1:32

Rear tyres, produced by Toptoys, for Dune Buggy Policar 1:32 scale, exceptional performance, slightly increased size, in terms of width and diameter, compared to the original ones.
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Mabuchi FT-270S Engine 1:24

Mabuchi FT-270S engine for high performance 1:24 scale Slot Car, has the same measures as a 26D engine and can be installed in its place. It is installed on bearings and has a balanced wheel. It can run at 44,500 r.p.m.
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Polistil HP Super – Champion 175 Engine 1:32

Polistil HP Super engine for Polistil Slot Sar of the Champion 175 series. It is a motor with over 40,000 rpm, ferrites with grains oriented, six-tooth sprocket.
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